After an initial deep cleaning, you are contracted for weekly or bi-weekly, regular cleanings that will occur on the agreed days of your choosing, based on the availability.



Your deep cleaning is a through, top to bottom cleaning which will then be maintained through your scheduled, regular cleanings.



You are supplied with my All Purpose Spray Cleaner and clean Norwex cloths, foaming soap dispensers at each sink for hand washing piece of mind, a jar of my simple laundry soap and toilet bombs to keep everything fresh and clean in between our visits.



During your regular cleanings, Fresh Nest will top off your spray, hand soap, laundry soap & toilet bombs and switch out your Norwex cloths with clean ones. You never have worry about running out of, shopping for or what’s in your cleaners bag's again.



Simply rinse the Norwex cloths throughly under warm water, wring them out & hang to dry by their loop/label and they will be ready for their next job.